Yellowstone GeoRoamer GPS Audio Tour

GeoRoamer Yellowstone.

Imagine creating a GPS tour of Yellowstone that automatically guides you through the park while listening to renowned park historians at each waypoint and capturing your experience with photos that are easily stored to share upon your return. Imagination is Reality with GeoRoamer Yellowstone, the only GPS powered Audio Tour Guide available in the iTunes App store and Android Market.

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This Summer take a tour of Yellowstone National Park with the world’s leading authorities on the subject.

Note to Yellowstone Park Visitors:
Be sure to download GeoRoamer Yellowstone before entering the Park or at a location in the Park that has Wi-Fi. The Park has limited cell service.

More than a century of combined knowledge to guide you through the geyser wonderland.
Yellowstone experts Aubrey Haines, John Good, and Lee Whittlesey provide you with an unparalleled, eye-opening, guided excursion through the Park via the GeoRoamer smart phone application. And although they may not be there to physically lead you on your tour, you will never feel lost as Global Positioning System (GPS) keeps you informed of exactly where you are and where you are headed.

GPS Audio Tour of all the major sites in Yellowstone National Park.
GeoRoamer GPS Audio Tour is a system based upon the revolutionary Apple iPhone and Android phones, containing information on all of Yellowstone’s major sites within its local database. Most Yellowstone visitors never have the opportunity to ask a ranger about a particular site, as budget constraints limit the Park’s manpower resources and, ultimately, on-site expertise of all that Yellowstone has to offer. GeoRoamer provides a solution to this problem, enabling users to listen to Yellowstone’s foremost experts as they approach and take in each site.

Simply get the best view.
GeoRoamer makes it very easy for you to capture the optimum views of the scenery:  all of the sites and their ideal viewing points have been logged by our location experts. Visitors typically do not care to know the actual latitude and longitude of the top of Barronette Peak, but rather where they can best see it. GeoRoamer will not only take you there, it will even tell you where the trailhead is so that you can walk up the peak; it will also inform you of whether or not the trail is accessible by wheelchair or stroller.

How GeoRoamer did it.
Once all of the sites were logged, the professionals were called in:  Aubrey Haines started with the National Park Service in 1931 and is considered the greatest mind on the history of Yellowstone, having written the two-volume series The Yellowstone Story among many other books. John Good is the Park’s retired Chief Naturalist and a world-class geologist with a true gift for communication:  he can effortlessly bring a foreboding subject down to layman’s terms. Lee Whittlesey is the Park’s Archivist, having published the 2400-page magnum opus Yellowstone Place Names (a smaller, more manageable edition is available for sale in the Park’s Visitor Center bookstores and Lee’s most recent book Death in Yellowstone was an instant hit:  more scholarly than macabre, it details both the adventurers and the foolhardy, from rendezvous with bears to encounters with boiling geysers.

How it works.
As you drive through the Park, GeoRoamer presents you with the next closest site, telling you how far away it is “as the crow flies” and providing directions from your current location. As you approach each site, a recorded audio track will begin to automatically play. Additionally, GeoRoamer has dozens of general interest subjects for your listening pleasure, from the Fire of 1988, to bears, to how the Continental Divide was determined.

GeoRoamer will also tell you the distance (in road miles) between the towns and Park sites as well as the locations of the nearest bathrooms (an especially nice feature for visitors with children) and payphones. There are multiple categories of information including Automotive (with up-to-date road construction information), Emergency (e.g. do not drink the water in the streams because of Ghiardia), Site Accessibility, and Food (complete with restaurant hours and menus).

Some points of interest.
So, if you want to know which way down the Continental Divide Isa Lake flows (both ways – it straddles the Divide), or which lake – North Twin or South Twin – does not freeze over in the winter (the North Twin, and we have no idea why; can you tell us?), or where the real 45th Parallel line is (it is where it always has been, but its sign is off by approximately 2800 yards), let GeoRoamer be your omniscient guide to all things Yellowstone. What’s more, GeoRoamer’s GPS component will show you when you cross the actual latitude line and can even tell you where bears are (the bears can be anywhere!).

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